A La Cart

Hot Appetizers
Meatballs (in choice of sauce)
Half Pan (86)
Full Pan (172)
Hot Wing Dings
Half Pan (100)
Full Pan (200)
Party subs piled high with fresh carved
deli meats
Sold by the foot
Cheese Balls
Extra large, soft, and served
with crackers
Serves 25
Finger Sandwiches
Our homemade Chicken or Ham Salad, as well as, our fresh carved
Turkey, Ham, and Roast Beef
(served on mini homemade buns)
$  1.50 each
Homemade Breads
Ham and Pineapple, Sausage and Mushroom, and
Chicken Fajita
By the loaf (serves up to 20)
Meat and Cheese Trays
Fresh carved and served w/mayo and honey mustard
Small (up to 10)
Medium (15-25)
Large (30-35)
X-Large (45-50)
Vegetable Trays
Served with homemade veggie dip
Small (10-25)
Medium (25-35)
Large (35-55)
X-Large (55-85)
Fruit Trays (when in season)
Small (15-25)
Medium (25-45)
Large (45-65)
X-Large (65-75)
Our pies, cakes, and special order desserts are homemade and made fresh daily, especially for your order.
Carrot Cake
Ho-Ho Cake
Texas Sheet Cake
Pecan Delight
Cupcakes (dozen)
Cream Pies
Fruit Pies
Pecan Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls
Cookies (dozen)
Homemade Cheesecake
(Assorted Flavors)
Brownies (dozen)
Dessert Trays
The finest assorted finger desserts in the area, made to order.
Per Person
Sugar-free pies
available upon request
All occasion cakes are also available from our Bakery.
Cheese Trays
Assorted domestic cheese served with honey mustard dip
Small (15-20)
Medium (20-40)
Large (Approx 50)
X-Large (Approx 75)
Mexican Trays
Served with Doritos
Small (15-20)
Medium (20-25)
Large (25-30)
X-Large (35-50)
Trail Bologna and Cheese Trays
Served with crackers
Small (15-20)
Medium (20-35)
Large (35-50)
X-Large (50-65)